Good Habits for Students: How Top Students Learn

Why is it that even as the same teacher teaches the entire class, some students are able to score 95 plus, some merely manage to pass and some don’t even reach the passing percentage? While many assume that some students are simply gifted, the truth is that it is their hard work and the general habits they adopt that make the difference. Here is a look at the essential habits adopted by these students that help them learn their lessons efficiently and perform better.

Study Plan
Most students begin by preparing a study plan but how many of them follow it diligently? Only those who are serious about their studies and are determined to achieve their goals. A workable study plan is the first thing these students prepare and they stick to it all through to ensure that they are able to cover the entire course well in time. Each hour of their day is well-planned so as to make the most of their time and they make sure that they abide by the set schedule.

Start Early
Most students waste the first few months of their academic session and get serious about their studies only when the first-term date sheet is released. But this is not the case with the top students. They begin studying from the very first day and thus have sufficient time to prepare for their exams.

Prepare Notes
Guide books, study material and your teacher’s notes contain all the information you require grasping to attain a good score however juggling between these every time can be quite time consuming. Top students keep jotting down important points from all these sources to prepare their own notes. It is easier to grasp information when you write side by side as you go through topic after topic. This way you also prepare a ready reckoner to be referred to the next time.

Test the Knowledge
Top students don’t just grasp information they keep testing their knowledge from time to time by solving sample papers and giving mock tests. It is a good way to figure out the areas you lack in and brush up on the same to ensure that you are thorough with the entire syllabus.

Ask Questions
Top students don’t hesitate to ask questions from the teachers during classroom sessions as well as post the class. They ask questions and seek help from their teachers to clarify their doubts related to any topic in order to prepare better.

Sleep Well
It is very essential to sleep for a good 7-8 hours each day to help relax your mind as well as body and top students take this aspect very seriously. They make sure they take adequate sleep every day so as to wake up fresh and concentrate better.

Eat Right and Exercise
Most students make the mistake of overlooking this aspect. Eating a well-balanced diet is essential to stay fit and energized all through the day. Exercising is another good habit that the top students follow. It boosts the power to concentrate and is also a good stress buster.

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