Grow Trees, Save Trees

You must have heard the importance of saving the trees and growing more of them but have ever really contributed towards this cause? This environmental concern is graver than you thought and the reason why each one of us must contribute towards it should be clear by the time you finish reading this piece. Here is a look at the various reasons why we must plant more and more trees and save the existing ones:
1. Release Oxygen
Carbon dioxide emitted by factories, vehicles and other sources is a threat to the environment. Trees absorb this harmful gas and release the life-giving oxygen back into the atmosphere thereby maintaining the ecological balance.
2. Cleanse the Air
Not just CO2, trees also absorb pollutant gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia. They trap the harmful particles emitted by these gases on their leaves and bark and thus give us clean and fresh air to breath.
3. Provide Food
There are numerous trees that bear fruits and thus help in fulfilling our nutritional requirements. They also provide food to animals and birds.
4. Offer Cooling Effect
There is no denying the fact that standing under a shady tree during a hot summer day can offer respite from the heat. Trees provide shade and release water vapor into the air via their leaves thus offering a cooling effect.
5. Prevent Soil Erosion
In the hilly areas, trees decrease soil erosion to a large extent by safeguarding the soil from the effect of the rain. They bind the soil in hilly and sloppy lands by their roots.
6. Converse Energy
An apartment building surrounded by a good number of trees becomes naturally cool. So you do not require turning on your air conditioners all the time to lower the temperature and thus conserve energy. This also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and other gases.
7. Conserve Water
Trees slow the process of water evaporation from the land by providing shade. Thus they contribute in raising the atmospheric moisture.
8. Provide Shelter
Trees are home for the birds. They also provide shelter to the animals and human beings. They offer respite to the travelers during bright sunny days.
Besides, trees are also known to offer a healing effect, reduce violence and bring people together. So now you know how important these are for the environment and our overall well being. These should be reasons enough for you to save trees and grow more of them to do your bit for the environment.

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