Have dreams? Then wake up to fulfill them!

School and college days are the most memorable days in ones life. While you must enjoy these days to the fullest, it is important for you to study with equal determination in order to take your life in the right direction. If you have dreams then don’t let them go. Take charge of your life and do your best to fulfil them.

It has been seen that many students have good grasping power and also nurture big dreams however there is something that keeps them from fulfilling them. Ever wondered what it is? It is the lack of proper time management. The necessity to set a schedule and work in accordance to it is often overlooked by students, which is wrong. Whether you nurture the dream of getting admission in one of the top engineering or medical college or make it big in any other stream, the first thing you need to do is to set your schedule right. This is the first step towards disciplining your life. The points shared here must be kept in mind while preparing a schedule in order to make it workable:

Get a Calendar
Mark the days you need to spare for things other than your studies such as wedding of a close one, school/ college trip, farewell party, etc. Now, divide your syllabus in a way that you are able to cover it all in the remaining days and are also left with enough time for revision.

Identify Your Study Hours
Identify that time of the day when you can concentrate your best. Do the learning and revision part during this time as you will be able to grasp your lessons quickly at this time. Written work can be handled at some other time of the day.

Squeeze in time for Rejuvenation
If you study for long hours at a stretch then your power to concentrate tends to dip and you aren’t able to grasp much. It is thus essential to take short breaks in between in order to refresh your mind. Make sure you have enough room for these breaks in your schedule. Also squeeze in 25-30 minutes for exercise every day.

Seek Online Coaching
Online coaching helps save a lot of time. It does not only give you the ease of studying at a time suitable to you but also saves the time spent on commuting. Several students have thus switched to this all new way of getting expert guidance.

Don’t Ignore Your Sleep
Your schedule must be such that you get adequate time to sleep. Lack of 6-8 hours of sleep a day can lead to poor concentration and may even affect on your health adversely.

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