Helpful Tips to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

          Parents play a vital role in developing their child’s personality. A well-raised child boosts confidence and is often more successful as compared to those who are neglected and not brought up well. The hectic work schedule of parents these days often leads to a negative impact on their child. If you think that your child isn’t as confident as his classmates and friends then it is time you mend the way you deal with him. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts to help you increase your child’s confidence.

Do’s :-

Compliment Often :->
Complimenting your child’s good deeds and little achievements would encourage him to stick    to his good habits and motivate him to try to achieve even more. Children who are appreciated develop a good self esteem and exude confidence.

Give Love:->
Give unconditional love to your kids. You may be exhausting yourself day in and day out to secure your child financially and build his future but he is too young to understand all your pains and concern for him. The only thing he understands is the love you shower on him overtly. Cuddle him, kiss him and gently pat him on his head to show him your love and affection. This is a great way to flourish his self esteem.

Pay Attention :->
Never ignore your child. Listen to all that he says and respond to his queries. This may be a bit taxing though with children these days being over-inquisitive however it is essential to build confidence in them. Ignoring their questions can make them feel that their feelings are not valued and they will not feel confident enough to put up questions or talk confidently when out in the real world.

Don’ts :-

Don’t Label :->
Parents often tag their children as shy, introvert or naughty while talking to them as well as
while talking about them to their teachers or other people. You have perceived an image of your child based on his behaviour and by labelling him this way you are leaving him with a negative view of himself which is wrong. The labels you give him store deep down his subconscious mind and he begins to behave the same way unknowingly.

Don’t Dismiss Feelings :->
How do you respond to a child who is crying or shouting? Engrossed in your own work, you often shout back at him and ask him to keep quite without inquiring the reason of his hue and cry. This makes him feel that his feelings are not important to you. A child who feels unimportant and uncared can never turn into a confident individual.

Don’t Mock/ Laugh or Scold :->
Don’t mock at your child or laugh at his inabilities even in a light mood. Also don’t scold him or be too harsh at him if he fails at something. This would lead to the creation of low self esteem in him. He will never feel confident enough to try new things. You will mar his self confidence and creative thinking forever. Instead, encourage him to explore and learn to give wings to his creativity.

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