Hi-Tech Devices: Boon or Bane

Hi-Tech Devices.

Technology has evolved a great deal over the last few years thereby giving rise to the manufacturing of several hi-tech devices. These hi-tech devices have helped in the development of various sectors and are certainly a boon for the society however only if used the right way. Just as much good as they can do for us if misused these can even become a curse. Let us have a closer look at how these have helped evolved various sectors and how these have impacted the overall health of our society:

  • Health Care
    Several new hi-tech healthcare devices have been developed to diagnose and treat different diseases. The treatments that earlier seemed impossible have been made possible with these devices.

  • Education
    Education has now been made available online. Students can study online via their tabs, mobiles or laptops. This has greatly benefitted the physically challenged students as well as those residing in places where there is a lack of Good Educational Institutes.

  • Communication
    Instant communication with people living in different parts of the world has been made possible at just a click of a button. Making a video call and communicating with people staying in far-away places has never been so easy and enjoyable.
  • Travel
    Devices such as smartphones come with applications that guide you during travelling. Reaching a new destination is no longer a hassle now.

However, as stated above these devices can also have negative repercussions. For instance, smartphones and tabs allow the students to study online and connect with their teachers and peers however they may even get addicted to certain gaming apps or social media sites on the same device which can hamper their studies. Further, while devices such as smartphones help connect with people living away from us these are somehow taking us far from the ones we stay with.

Similarly, while using apps on smart devices during travelling can help you find your destination and also provide information about the various nearby places such restaurants, hotels and hospitals, however, using these simultaneously can distract the driver. In the field of healthcare, the malfunctioning of a device may prove to be fatal.

Besides, many of these hi-technology devices are adding to global warming and thus impacting our atmosphere negatively. It is thus important for us to use these devices wisely.

Hope the above information helps you. All the best!

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