Historical Fact of the Day – Alexander Graham Bell

Born on 3rd March 1847, Alexander Graham Bell went on to become a scientist, an inventor, innovator and engineer. He is known for the invention of the first practical telephone. Graham Bell won several honours and awards owing to his contribution in the field of science and technology. Here is a look at some of his major achievements:

  • Bell was awarded the master telephone patent in 1876 that became the foundation asset for the Bell Telephone Company that later came to be known as AT&T.
  • He received the James Watt silver medal from the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, gold medal from the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, grand prize from the Third Paris World’s Fair and the Volta Prize with a purse of 50,000 francs.
  • As he became affluent, he used his prize money for the creation of endowment funds and institutions in the United States as well as its nearby places.
  • The Society of Arts awarded the Royal Albert silver medal for his paper on his achievement, the Photophone that was invented in 1881.
  • He received an Honorary Ph.D. in 1882 from the University of Wuzburg, Bavaria, Honorary Doctor of Medicine degree from the Rupert Charles University of Heidelberg, Germany and Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Edinburgh in 1906, L.L.D. degree from Illinois College. He also received Honorary Degrees in Doctor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy.
  • He was elected as a member for the American Philosophical Society in 1882 and National Academy of Sciences in 1883. He was appointed as the president at The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and given similar higher positions at different institutions in the following years.

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