How are Parents the best Counsellors for their children?

After the ongoing school and college examinations, the next step for your children would be to choose a professional field they can make a career in. Most of the students must be preparing for different competitive examinations. But what if it does not work out? Just in case this question is haunting you and you are ready to visit a counsellor along with your children to seek guidance on how to set his professional or personal life right just wait and think – can a counsellor be a better guide for your kids? No! You are the best counsellors for them. Not convinced? Here is why!

You Know their Temperament
You have seen your child grow, have seen him/ her through all his highs and lows and are well about his temperament. A counsellor in his one hour session would never be able to figure out those aspects of his life that you are aware of. You are thus in a better position to guide your child on how and what he should do in life than a counsellor.

You Know their Interest
Your children may or may not be able to take the right decision. At times, they aren’t even able to figure out where their real interest lies. You, as a parent, are better aware about your children’s interests and aspirations and can counsel him better when it comes to choosing a career path or making a personal decision.

You Know their Calibre
Your kid may aspire to become an engineer however you know whether he has a technical bent of mind or he would do better if he opts for an arts course. Counsel him accordingly to help him make the right decision.
You have seen your child from his early years and no one in this world knows him better than you. Also nobody else would be as interested in putting him on the right track as you. So you certainly are the best counsellor for your kids. However, having said that, do not impose anything on your children. Though you may know them better than they know their selves, let them take the final decision. As a guide, your duty is to let them know the pros and cons of different fields and also help them find out as to what is best for them however do not ever force them to tread on the path you decide for them. Let them be free in choosing their calling in life.

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  1. Hello all, In this article etoos try to inform all parents that they how became a counselor. This is really good.

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