How Much Hard Work Needed to Get Into IITs?


Indian Institutes of Technology are the most sought-after engineering institutes in the country. Lacs of students appear for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) to seek admission in these esteemed institutes each year however only a few are able to secure a seat here. This is because a lot of hard work goes into cracking this examination and only a few have the determination to toil hard till the end. Here is how hard you need to work to get into IITs:

Begin Early
If you really want to crack this exam then it is essential to begin your preparation at least two years prior to the examination date. JEE is tough and it is thus suggested to seek professional guidance from the very beginning to prepare the right way. Keep revising all that is done in your class simultaneously in order to avoid any back log. Also prepare a schedule for self study and stick to it. Your schedule should be such that you are able to cover the entire syllabus well in time and have enough time for revision.

Don’t Give Up
You will have to prepare for the JEE and CBSE exams simultaneously and juggling between the two can be quite tough. However, the key is not to give up. Plan a schedule that gives ample time for the preparation of both these exams. It is natural to feel exhausted during this phase however instead of giving up you must look for ways to revive your lost enthusiasm. Begin by reminding yourself as to how important it is for you to crack JEE as well as score well in CBSE. Secondly, squeeze in some time to rejuvenate everyday in order to break the monotony.

Stay Focused
With numerous sources of entertainment around, it is quite likely to get distracted from your goal. It is important for you to keep yourself focused and avoid any kind of temptation if you really want to get through this exam. Turn off your mobile and internet connection as you sit to study for the exam since these are the major distractions these days. It is also suggested to deactivate your social media account for the period of preparation. Set goals and do your best to attain them by staying focused.

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