How to Make a Schedule for Study?

Setting a good study schedule is the first step towards studying effectively. The next is to follow it diligently. Well, if you are still stuck on the first step then the information shared here shall get you moving. Yes! We are here to help you prepare an effective study schedule.

Get Your Syllabus Right
Pen down all the subjects that you require studying as well as the syllabus you need to cover for each of them. Now rate the topics as easy, difficult and moderate depending on how you find them. This will help you understand as to which topics require more time and which ones can be handled in a comparatively lesser time.

Divide Your Syllabus
Next you need to divide your syllabus in a way that you can cover each and every topic within the time you are left with for the exams and yet have enough time for revision.

Identify Your Study Hours
Identify that part of the day when you can concentrate best and study during that time every day. This will help you study more effectively.

Keep a Check
Check whether you are able to achieve your set goals or not at the end of each day. If you are not able to do so even after trying your best then it is suggested to re-schedule your plan. Prepare a workable plan.

Time for Other Activities
Your studies should be your focal point however it is also important to squeeze in some time for rejuvenation. Exercise, dance, go cycling, swimming or indulge in any other similar physical activity to keep fit. Always remember, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”.

Don’t Compromise on your Sleep
Your schedule should be such that you get a complete 7-8 hours sleep every day. Compromising on your sleep can leave you lethargic and hamper your performance. Take a good night sleep to wake up fresh and focus better! You can even take power naps in between if that invigorates you and helps you concentrate better.

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