How To Memorize Things Quicker?

Most of you may think that the key to memorizing things quickly and easily is by repeating them over and over again. Well, while this is a good technique however it is not the only method to memorize things fast. You basically need to hone your skills to recall what you read and that can be done effectively by following the below mentioned tips:

Get Rid of Distractions
As you sit to learn your lessons, the first thing you must do is to remove all the distractions from your sight. Keep your mobile phone at a distance, preferably on silent mode, your television switched off and all the other things that might distract you at bay.

Identify the Time
Secondly, identify that time of the day when you can concentrate best. This is the time when you shall be able to grasp your lessons quickly and easily. It is best to set this time aside to revise your chapters.

Pen Down Everything
It is suggested to jot down points as you try to learn your lessons. Writing down points would not only boost your power to concentrate but also help you grasp your lessons easily. Besides, you will also prepare a ready reckoner which will come handy at the time of revision. Re-write the points each time you go through them. Use different colours to demarcate between different topics.

Record Your Voice
It is a good idea to read your chapter aloud and record them in a tape recorder. Listen to your recorded voice again and again and repeat what you listen simultaneously. This is not only an effective way to memorize your lessons but also an easy method to learn them faster.

Teach SomeoneYet another way to memorize your lessons faster and retain them well is by teaching them to others. So if any of your friends requires help with some topic do not hesitate in offering the same as this way you shall be benefiting yourself too. You can even sit in front of the mirror and explain your chapters.

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