How to Score 600+ in NEET 2019 in Remaining Months?

score 600+ in NEET 2019.

With just about six months left for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET 2019), it is time to gear up for the examination to score high. If you have just started with the preparation there is still scope for you. If you follow an effective study plan and stay determined you can score 600+ marks in NEET 2019. Read on to find out how!

NEET 2019 Total Marks and Marking Scheme

Before we give you a few quick tips to score 600+ marks in NEET 2019 in the remaining months, let us have a look at the total marks and marking scheme of this much talked about medical entrance exam:

  • NEET is set for a total of 720 marks.
  • There are a total of 180 questions in the exam. This is how these are divided among its three sections:
  1. Biology: 90 questions
  2. Physics: 45 questions
  3. Chemistry: 45 questions
  • All these are multiple choice questions that need to be solved within 3 hours.
  • 4 marks are given for each correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer. So, guesswork must strictly be avoided.

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Tips to Score 600+ in NEET 2019 in the Remaining Months

Here are a few simple yet effective tips to help you achieve your goal:

  • With just about a few months left for NEET 2019, you must understand that every second of yours is precious. Time wasted will never come back and in the end,d you will only regret the moments you could have utilized in a better way. In order to make the optimum use of your time, it is best to prepare a schedule. Now, you must have read this tip time and again. But have you ever implemented it? I am sure most of you wouldn’t have. Many of you may have prepared a schedule but never followed it. Ask those who prepared a strict schedule and followed it diligently. They will tell you just how it helped them achieve their goals. So, if you haven’t taken this aspect seriously yet, it is time you do.

  • If you haven’t enrolled at a professional coaching class by now, it is too late to do it now. This is because half of the syllabus must have already been covered in these classes and no one is going to repeat it especially for you. But don’t worry you can always opt for online coaching. With this, you get the option to view the lectures for all the topics as many times as you want and at a time suitable to you. So, you wouldn’t have to do without professional guidance even if you figured out its importance just a few months before the exam.
  • Your study plan must not just include learning chapter after chapter it must rather be a three step process. You must learn your chapters, revise them and give mock tests to test your knowledge. Now, this does not mean you have to first complete learning all the topics in your syllabus then revise them all and then start with the mock tests. All this should go on simultaneously. This means that you must keep revising your previous chapters side by side as you learn the new ones. You must also make it a practice to give mock tests regularly to know how well you have prepared.

We are sure you will follow these tips to make the most of the remaining time helps you in cracking JEE 2019. All the best!

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