How to Solve Questions Quickly in Competitive Exams like JEE or NEET?


While you may be thorough with the syllabus however if you lack the technique to answer the questions quickly then it would be tough for you to get through competitive exams such as JEE and NEET. Here are a few tips that shall help you solve questions quickly during such exams:

Keep a tab on time
One mistake that most students make is that they take a lot of time to solve the first few questions and then rush through the ones left. It is suggested to keep a tab on time from the beginning itself so that you do not have to rush through the paper after a certain point. This way you will be able to manage the time efficiently and avoid panic towards the end.

Look for alternative methods
There are different ways to solve various questions asked during the exam. If you are unable to derive an answer using one method then don’t waste your time using it over and over again. Try going for alternative method to solve the questions you get stuck on.

Formulas should be on your tips
You can solve physics, chemistry and maths problems quickly only if you have all the formulas on tips. Thus in order to solve the equations of these three subjects easily and quickly you must work hard on the formulas from the very beginning and make sure you are thorough with them.\

Solve mock tests
It is advised to solve previous years’ examination papers and give as many mock tests as possible before sitting for such tough competitive examinations. This will not only give you a fair idea about the kind of questions asked during the exam but also help you manage your time efficiently during the exam.

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