IIT JEE 2017 Preparation Tips

IIT JEE 2017 Preparation TipsThose of you preparing for IIT JEE 2017 still have a lot of time to prepare and if you make the most of this time, you will certainly land in your dream college. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time systematically and prepare efficiently:

1. Get the Syllabus Right
Begin by understanding as to what all is to be covered
under all three subjects. Check the syllabus on the internet or get the syllabus booklet for IIT JEE 2017 so that you have the entire syllabus in front of you.

2. Seek Expert Guidance
If you haven’t done it already then it is time you get enrolled at a good JEE coaching institute to seek expert guidance. It is a good idea to seek coaching online as this gives you the freedom of studying anywhere, anytime and at your own sweet pace. Many students, especially those who are preparing for their board examination simultaneously, are opting for online coaching these days as it also saves a lot of time.

3. Set a Schedule
Prepare a workable schedule and stick to it diligently. Review it at the end of each day to see if you were able to achieve the set goals or need to work harder. In case, you are not able to accomplish the listed tasks during the day even after putting in your best efforts then it is suggested to revise your plan.

4. Identify the Right Time
Identify that part of the day when you can concentrate best and try to memorize your lessons during that time. You can work on the written assignments during the other time.

5. Test Your Knowledge
Don’t just go on mugging up lessons. Test your knowledge from time to time by giving mock tests such as those available at Etoosindia.com. You may also solve sample papers or previous years’ papers. Try solving these within a stipulated time to enhance your speed and also to know the areas that require improvement.

6. Revise
It is suggested to prepare notes as you study chapter after chapter and revise the topics side by side from your handwritten notes to memorize them well. Also try to cover the entire syllabus at least 2-3 months before the exam so that you are left with enough time for revision.

7. Go For Group Studies
It is a good idea to go for group studies every once in a while. Throw questions at each other during these sessions in order to test your knowledge. This way you might even get access to some important information that you may have missed otherwise.

8. Sleep Well and Eat Right
Take 7-8 hours of sleep each day to wake up fresh and study efficiently. Also make sure you have a well balanced diet in order to stay energized all through the day. Neglecting these may leave you lethargic and weary and hamper your productivity.

9. Exercise and Rejuvenate
Squeeze in around 30 minutes each day for exercise. You may indulge in yoga, aerobics, swimming, cycling, jogging, walking or any other activity of your choice to stay fit and relax your mind. While these activities are a good way to rejuvenate, you may take an additional 15-20 minutes to chit chat with a friend, watch a video, sit in silence or indulge in a similar activity if that is how you like to unwind.

10. Stay Positive
Lastly, believe in yourself and stay positive.

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