JEE Advanced Sample Papers with Solutions Pdf

JEE Advanced Sample Question Papers.

JEE Advanced 2019 will be held on May 19,2019(Sunday).IIT Roorkee will release official JEE Advanced 2019 question papers tentatively in the 3rd week of May in online mode. Candidates can practice previous year JEE Advanced sample Question papers to improve there score. Now experts recommended to solving at least one jee advanced solved question paper each day during these last few days in order to strengthen your chances of getting through this exam.

Free Download IIT JEE Advanced Sample Question Papers with Solutions Pdf

Here Download the JEE Advanced Sample Question paper with Answer key and Solutions pdf from 2017 to 2019 Available here.

How to solve jee advanced Question paper?

However, merely solving Jee sample question papers may not help if you don’t do it strategically. Here are the points you must follow in order to make the most Effective your JEE Advanced Exam Preparation by Solving Sample papers.

Time Your Test: Many students make the mistake of sitting with the JEE Advanced previous year Solved sample Question papers for the entire day. They do not keep a tab on the time as they begin solving the question papers. Many others leave them without solving them completely and continue with the remaining part in the next sitting. This does not help. It is suggested to sit continually for 3 hours and give the test within this time frame. This will help you assess your knowledge better.

Solve Regularly: It is essential to solving IIT JEE advanced Practice Papers regularly, preferably one every day. It would be even better if you solve two of these per day during these last few days. This is the best way to revise your chapters and know the iit jee advanced exam pattern detail available here.

Solve at the Same Time Each Day: It is suggested to solve these papers at the same time each day. It is even better to solve these at the same time of the day your JEE Advanced 2019 exam would be held.

Analyse Your Performance: Do not just solve, check them thoroughly after solving them to see where all you have made the mistakes. Analyse your performance to identify your weak areas.

Work on Your Weak Areas: Once you analyse your performance and identify your weak areas it is time to work on the same. If there is any doubt related to any topic then clarify it from your teachers or fellow students. In case, it just requires brushing up then read and revise such a topic multiple times and so on. If you do not follow this step there is no use solving iit jee sample papers.

Test the Problem Areas More Often: It is suggested to devote more time to the topics you are weak in. Learn and revise them repeatedly in order to be thorough with them. Also, test them more often. here Available the best Last Month revision tips for JEE Advanced 2019

So, if you haven’t given serious thought to solving iit jee previous sample question papers then the points mentioned above should have helped change your mind. Do solve as many as of these papers as you can to amp your iit jee advanced preparation.

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Hope the above information helps you in cracking JEE 2019. All the best!

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