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IIT JEE Study Material for Effective JEE Preparation

IIT JEE study material

IIT JEE syllabus is vast however the good news is that the study material need not be as vast. Most JEE aspirants catch hold of numerous JEE books and accumulate large chunks of study material from their school and coaching center in an attempt to prepare efficiently for the exam however this only leads to confusion. The key is to know just what to study and from where to study. The following information should guide you about the appropriate IIT JEE Study Material to begin your preparation for JEE.

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  1. NCERT Books

Your NCERT books are all inclusive. If you are thorough with the material covered in the NCERT books you can consider yourself well prepared for the exam. The best part is that these books are a part of your CBSE curriculum and by going through these you do not only prepare for the JEE exam but also for your CBSE exams.

  1. Etoosindia IIT JEE Study Material

The faculty members at Etoosindia have especially designed an all-inclusive IIT JEE study material that covers the entire syllabus to give you a ready-reckoner for JEE preparation. The language used in the study material is exceedingly simple so that the students can comprehend the content easily. The institute has also set up a doubt clinic where in you can clarify all your doubts related to any JEE topic following a simple procedure.

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  1. JEE Sample Papers

JEE Sample papers must also form an essential part of your IIT JEE study material. These papers include solved questions and are thus a great way to assess your knowledge.

  1. Previous Years’ JEE Exam Papers

Apart from the sample papers, you must also refer to the previous years’ JEE exam papers. These papers give you a clear insight into the JEE paper. Solve these to test your knowledge, boost your confidence level and manage time efficiently during the exam.

  1. Guide Books

While the aforementioned IIT JEE study material should be enough for the preparation of your exam however if you still want to refer to some good guide books, then the following are recommended:


  • Concepts of Physics Part I and II – HC Verma
  • Physics for IIT JEE – Resnick, Halliday, Walker


  • New Pattern Chemistry – A master practice book for JEE Main & Advanced RK Gupta.
  • Organic Chemistry – OP Tandon


  • IIT Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced (Set of 2 volumes) By M.L. Khanna
  • D. Sharma

It is best to prepare your own IIT JEE study material referring the different sources mentioned above and use the same for revision.

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