Best Study Material for IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE Study Material.

The prestigious Joint Entrance Examination is not an easy exam to crack and we all have been hearing this for quite a while now. Experts and faculties recommend at least 10-12 hours of dedicated study. From the many aspects of JEE preparation, one of the key aspects is choosing the best study material for iit jee preparation.

 We all are aware that the syllabus for this nationwide entrance exam is quite vast. And to cover this huge syllabus most of the aspirants catch hold of numerous books and accumulate large chunks of notes and DPPs in an attempt to prepare efficiently. Result? Confusion, frustration, tension, and stress!

Thinking what to do? Well, the key is just to know what to study and from where to study. Remember, any best material would focus on making the concepts clear of students. The theory part is important but practical knowledge and application of concepts is even more important.

And thus, hereby we have provided everything that you need to know regarding IIT JEE Study material 2020. Time to put an end to all your queries!

 Q. Which institute has the best IIT JEE stud material?

Ans: A large number of coaching institutes bombard students with class notes, reference materials, daily practice papers, books, and question banks, etc. This perplexes the students’ mind and creates a state of confused mind. Unlike, other coaching institutes, the talented faculty at Etoos India have designed just the right content for the preparation.

The study material for JEE Mains and advance cover the entire exam syllabus. In simple words, it is just a ready-reckoner for JEE preparation. The easy-to-understand language used in the video lectures will help create a strong foundation of the subjects and clear students’ concepts from scratch.

What if you have a doubt? In that case, all you need to do is clarify your doubts at Etoosindia Doubt Clinic section. The faculty will answer students’ within 12 hours of posting it.

Etoosindia study material

Q. Which IIT JEE study material comes with complete solutions?

Ans: If you have been struggling hard to find the right content on the web then to your rescue has come the new and smart of e-learning with Etoos. The specially designed exam material includes concepts, objective solved examples, illustrations, and subjective solved examples & exercises for each topic. This will enable students to grasp the fundamental concepts of the examination properly.

Q. What is the best online study material for the JEE?

Ans: In the plethora of books and notes available online for JEE in the form of videos, e-books, ppts, etc, it is recommended to choose wisely and consult a mentor or teacher before starting your preparation. Every institute will claim to provide the best study material but students should make the choice wisely and smartly.

Remember, each second counts in your preparation and thus, you shouldn’t be wasting it on studying the wrong content. So, unnecessarily burdening yourself with numerous books and reference notes, you should without a doubt buy online study material for IIT JEE from India’s No. 1 Online Coaching.

The HD video lectures are rendered by the expert faculty of Kota. It comes with the detailed explanation of the topics with solved examples in order to develop a problem-solving approach. A strategic approach is highly needed for attempting questions in the main exam.

Q. Which study material is the best for IIT JEE?

Ans: Students should be initially focusing on completing NCERT Books because they are unmatched! If you are through with the topics covered in the NCERT books you can consider yourself well prepared for the main exam. The best part is that these books are a part of your CBSE curriculum and by going through these you do not only prepare for the JEE exam but also for your CBSE exams.

Q. Where can I get material for the IIT JEE?

Ans: At EtoosIndia! The courses are divided into yearlong, topic-based, problem solving, revision courses. A student has the freedom to choose among these courses and opt whichever suits him the best. If you have any issues relating to faculty then you may choose your own faculty too.

IIT JEE Study Material Pdf Free Download:

IIT JEE study material pdf free download

JEE Sample Papers:

JEE Sample question papers form an essential part of your iit jee study material. These papers include solved questions with video solutions and are thus a great way to assess your knowledge. You can easily keep a track of your weak and strong topics.

Previous Years’ JEE Exam Papers:

Apart from the sample papers, you must also refer to the previous years’ JEE exam papers. These papers give you a clear insight into the pattern of JEE question paper. Solve these to test your knowledge, boost your confidence level and manage time efficiently during the exam.

Guide Books Recommended:

While the aforementioned video lectures should be enough for the preparation of your exam however if you still want to refer to some best guidebooks for iit jee preparation, then the following are recommended:


  • Concepts of Physics Part I and II – HC Verma
  • Physics for IIT JEE – Resnick, Halliday, Walker


  • New Pattern Chemistry – A master practice book for JEE Main & Advanced RK Gupta.
  • Organic Chemistry – OP Tandon


  • IIT Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced (Set of 2 volumes) By M.L. Khanna / R.D Sharma

Conclusion: Do not burden yourself with too many study material & books. Rather, just should focus on completing NCERT first. JEE will test the understanding of your concepts hence, spend more time practicing a different type of questions in order to clear your concepts.

Hope you’ve got answers to all your questions. Still, if you have any query regarding JEE study exam material, feel free to drop in a comment below. We would be happy to assist!

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