IIT JEE syllabusStudents often get perplexed looking at the vast IIT JEE syllabus. Most of them do not understand where to start from and how to schedule their time efficiently so as to cover the entire syllabus timely.

IIT JEE syllabus is no doubt quite extensive however putting in a little effort and following the right approach shall help you prepare efficiently for the exam. Here are a few simple yet effective preparation tips to cover the IIT JEE syllabus on time:

  1. Know the IIT JEE Syllabus and Study Material

The first thing you require doing is to know the IIT JEE syllabus. You can get it easily on the internet. The next step would be to understand as to which books to refer to prepare efficiently for the examination. You can seek help from the faculty members at your coaching institute or simply look for it online. Once you know the IIT JEE syllabus and have the study material handy it is time to get rolling.

  1. Get Organized

Since you have decided to appear for the tough IIT JEE it is time to say no to procrastination and get organized. Prepare a rough annual schedule to get an idea about how to divide your IIT JEE syllabus in a manner so that it is covered well in time. Now, prepare a strict weekly/ monthly schedule and stick to it diligently. In addition to it, it is also suggested to prepare a daily to-do list to prioritize your tasks at the start of each day.

Next, de-clutter your study area and arrange your books and other stuff properly. This will not only save time when you look for your things but shall also bring in positive energy.

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  1. Test Your Knowledge

It is essential to test your knowledge from time to time in order to know how much you have learned. Try answering questions from your textbook and guidebooks as you complete each chapter. Once you have covered a substantial amount of IIT JEE syllabus, it is time to solve sample papers and previous years’ JEE papers to put your knowledge on test and identify your weak areas.

  1. Revise Repeatedly

As you study chapter after chapter, make sure you squeeze in some time each day to revise the previous ones. Revising and re-revising the chapters regularly is the key to retain them well.

  1. Eat Right and Sleep Well

Often underrated, these two aspects go a long way in preparing you efficiently for your exam. Do not compromise on your sleep in an attempt to increase your study hours. This would do more harm than good. Take 7-8 hours of sleep everyday to stay energized and concentrate better.

Many students skip their meals engrossed in studies. This again is a wrong practice and will only hamper your ability to study efficiently. Have your meals on time and make sure they are loaded with all the essential micro nutrients to ensure good health.

Let the vast IIT JEE syllabus challenge you to bring out your best rather than being a cause of your stress.

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