IIT-Kharagpur tweaks norm to expand job scope

KOLKATA: At a time when universities across the country are experimenting with the ‘bouquet’ system of teaching-learning where students majoring in a particular stream have the freedom to opt for unrelated papers, IIT-Kharagpur too has decided to do away with its past academic strictures. From the next academic session, the students studying in any stream will have the freedom to choose papers across 14 disciplines as their micro-specializations.

The Senate, which has taken the decision to make IIT-Kharagpur ‘flexible’, feels this will enhance the placement opportunities, especially for those who are forced to study in certain streams by virtue of their IITJEE rankings. While students with higher ranks get into the coveted streams, those with lower ranks have to opt for disciplines like ocean engineering and naval architecture, mining, manufacturing, industrial engineering and agriculture. The placements in these streams have not been very impressive either.

However, not a single seat goes empty in these streams because candidates do not want to let go of the IIT brand. “A number of students are not interested in subjects they end up studying. The situation doesn’t change during placements either. Finally, they end up becoming coders and programmers. We hope that this new initiative will help them,” said IIT-Kgp director Partha Pratim Chakraborty.


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