Importance of Girl Education in India


Around a century back, men in our country were considered to be the bread earners of the family and women had their role clearly defined, which was to be at home and look after the children, the elders in the family and do other household chores. Women who tried to surpass their role as a homemaker were rebuked by the society. However, the mindset of people changed over the years and they started to accept that education is as important for girls as it is for the boys. Though, the times have changed now however we still have a long way to go. This article is an effort from our end to promote the education of girls. Here is why it is important to educate your girl child:

To Make her Self-Dependent and Confident
We all know the importance of being self-dependent. Good education, no doubt, helps women secure a job and become financially independent. So she can fulfil her financial needs on her own. Also women who are educated are certainly more confident and well aware about their rights. So educating your girl means shaping her into an independent and confident individual who can face the challenges of the outside world.
To Help her Choose her Field
Each individual, be it a girl or a boy, is unique. Everyone has their own interests and with proper education and exposure they can excel in their field of interest. Imagine if you ask a sports person to work in a bank or a born singer to pursue a career in cricket? Well, the person will never be able to perform well and stay dissatisfied and depressed all the time. Now, imagine how a woman, who is naturally bent towards sports or has a technical frame of mind, would feel if you ask her to sit at home and chop vegetables or look after the children? Allow her to study and choose her profession so that she can lead the life she wants to.
To Help Her Support Her Family
Educated women can go ahead and grab a job of their choice not only to fulfil their own little needs but also to support their family. This way they can strengthen their family’s financial condition and also earn more self respect.
To Help Her Nurture Her Kids Better
A child will love his mother unconditionally whether or not she is educated however an educated mother can contribute positively towards the growth and development of her child. She can help in their education, take better care their health and their all round development.
To Help Her Contribute towards National Growth
A nation can prosper only if both men and women living there are well-educated and contribute towards its growth and development. A nation where more than half the population is uneducated can never gain prosperity. Girls who are educated well, go on to excel in different fields including medical, engineering, arts and sports and thereby contribute towards the national growth. Education also helps in reducing the crime rate in the society which again helps in strengthening the nation as a whole.

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