India has made it to the 24th position in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings (HESSR) 2016 with a score of 60.9 out of 100.
The assessment is done on the basis of four categories – system strength, economic concept, flagship and access of various countries in higher education. All the categories are given equal weightage to arrive at the final rankings. Under the system strength category, the rank is awarded based on the number of institutes in the country that made it
to the top 700 institutes in the QS Ranking divided by the average rank of those institutes. India secured the 20th position in this category. The economic concept category measures the affect of national investment in higher education. India managed to secure the 4th position under this category.
Under the flagship category India scored the 26th position and under the access category it was ranked 42.
The US tops the list with a total score of 100/100, UK has secured the second position scoring 98.5 while Germany stood third with a score of 94. Pakistan secured the last position in this ranking scoring merely 9.2/100.

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