Interesting Facts of Maths

mathsIf you find maths interesting then the facts shared here will make the subject all the more interesting for you. Maths is all about logic and formula but the interesting mathematical facts shared here will make you think twice even if you are thorough with the Mathematical Concepts and are a genius at applying logic.

Here are 16 interesting facts about maths. Even those who run away from the subject and do not find it interesting would find these fascinating:

  1. A number is divisible by number 3 if the sum of all its digits is divisible by 3.
  2. If you multiply any number with number 9 and then add all the individual digits of the result to form a single digit, the sum of these digits will always be 9.
  3. Out of all the shapes having the same perimeter a circle encompasses the largest area.
  4. A sphere has two sides but there are one-sided surfaces.
  5. There are only five regular polyhedral.
  6. Whatever you are able to do with a compass and a ruler you can even do it with just the compass.
  7. Do you know what a Palindrome number is? It is a number like 34543, that is, a number that reads the same forward and backwards.
  8. Forty is the only number that has letters set in alphabetical order on the other hand one is the sole number that has letters in the reverse order.
  9. From 0 to 1,000, the alphabet ‘A’ only forms a part of one thousand.
  10. Abacus is known to be the origin of the calculator.
  11. Just as in philosophy, mathematics includes transcendental numbers.
  12. Just as in the art, there are surreal and imaginary numbers too.
  13. Mathematics studies groups, rings, ideals, neighbourhoods, poles, trees, growth, completeness, space, consistency and models just as it studies shapes and curves.
  14. You can cut a pie into as many as 8 pieces with three movements.
  15. Notches on the animal bones are a proof that people have been studying mathematics or doing computations since approximately 30,000 BC.
  16. The term hundrath from which hundred derives meant 120 not 100.

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