JEE 2016: To-do list before the exams

You need to make an effective plan in order to get through the tough Joint Entrance Examination. The preparation should begin a year or two before the exam and you need to stay determined all through. However, no matter how well prepared you are for the exam you are bound to feel stressed before the examination and this can work against you. Here are a few things you should do before the exam to keep the last minute woes at bay:

Pack Your Stuff
Your pen, pencil, ID card and all the other essential items required during the examination should be packed a day before the exam. In fact, you should even choose and set aside the clothes that you are planning to wear on the examination day a night before to avoid unnecessary hassle on the day of the exam.

Sleep Well
Close your books well in time a night before your exam and take a good 6-8 hours sleep to wake up fresh on the day of your exam.

Eat Well
Avoid junk food at this time. Oily, fried and sugary items can impact both your mental as well physical performance negatively. Do not consume such items a night before the exam as well as before going for it. Coffee and aerated drinks must also be avoided.

Get up early on the day of the exam and run through your notes for a quick revision. Leave your books post that as anything you read after that would only lead to confusion.

Leave Timely
It is important to leave for the examination centre well before time so that you do not get late for the exam. You should have enough time to relax and calm yourself after reaching the centre before you sit for the exam.

Stay Away from Discussions
There is a lot of stress and panic around the examination halls. You may see students discussing the answers to different questions. Avoid being a part of such discussions as this would only add to stress and anxiety. 

Keep a Positive Attitude
Your attitude impacts your performance to a great extent. Do not think about failure, stay positive and you will certainly do well in the exam.

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