JEE Advanced 2018: Evaluation Scheme For Numerical Value Questions

IIT JEE Advanced 2018.

JEE Advanced consists of two papers that include 54 questions each. Each of these papers tests the candidates’ knowledge in 3 subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Among other types of questions, there are a good number of numerical value questions. Under the numerical type questions, the candidates require solving the questions in their mind or on a rough piece of paper. The final answer derived after the calculations need to be written in the space given in the answer sheet.

These questions are a bit tricky and may seem difficult to answer even as the candidates are able to solve these at length. Students often get perplexed about the precise answer to these questions.

In order to end this ambiguity, IIT Kanpur has released the revised evaluation norms for numerical type answers for JEE Advanced 2018. These evaluation norms shall be followed while checking and marking the numerical type questions in JEE Advanced 2918 exam. Here is a look at the same:

  • In case, the answer to a numerical type question is 15 then all the answers entered as 15, 15.0 or 15.00 will be marked correct. As applicable, if the answers entered fall in the range of 15.99 to 16.01 they shall be marked correct.
  • In case, the answer is 15.5, then all the answers given as 15.5 and 15.50 shall be marked correct. As applicable, all the answers in the range of 15.49 to 15.51 shall be marked correct.
  • In case, the answer is 15.367777, all the answers entered within the range of 11.36 to 11.37 shall be marked correct. Hence, both 11.36 and 11.37 shall be marked correct.

JEE Advanced 2018 was conducted by IIT Kanpur on 20th May 2018. Out of the 231024 candidates who qualified in JEE Mains 2018 and were eligible for JEE Advanced 2018 only 166204 registered for the exam. Those who qualify in JEE Advanced 2018 shall get admission in Bachelor’s, Integrated Masters and Dual Degree program in the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology and other highly reputed engineering colleges in the country.

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