JEE Advanced 2018: Exam Concludes, Student’s Reactions

jee-advanced-2018-exam-concludesAround 2.2 lac students appeared for the stage II Joint Entrance Examination this year. JEE Advanced 2018 was held yesterday that is on the 20th of May. Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 were conducted on the same day. The examination was conducted by IIT Kanpur. As is the case each year, JEE Advanced received mixed reactions from the students this year too.

Majority of students shared that it was the physics section that was the toughest of all. Chemistry and Mathematics sections were comparatively easy. However, as per some it was the mathematics section that was the toughest of all. The overall exam was said to be moderate not tough or easy. Sharing his experience, IIT aspirant Manoj Kumar said, “Maths gave me a tough time. The questions were tricky and very time consuming. Some questions were new and challenging. Also, this year, the exam was online. So, we had a virtual keyboard on the screen to type out the answers for the integer-type questions. Rest of the questions were objectives. Chemistry and physics were comparatively easier”. On the other hand, another candidate, Priya Singh said, “I found chemistry to be the toughest. Physics and mathematics were easier in comparison. Also, the second paper went better for me. I am afraid that the first paper, which I found more difficult, may hold me back.”

Candidates also agreed that JEE Advanced 2018 paper was comparatively easier than JEE Advanced 2017. “This year’s paper is easier than the previous year’s. However, it was on the same lines as the last year’s paper. The pattern was only slightly different. All questions were within the ambit of the syllabus. And fortunately, there weren’t any ugly surprises”, shared Gaurav Yadav who had also appeared for JEE last year.

Those who will crack JEE Advanced 2018 shall be able to secure seat for Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s or dual degree program in the esteemed Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and certain other institutes of equally high stature.

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