With so many notable JEE coaching institutes helping IIT aspirants crack the tough JEE Mainand Advanced year after year, it is hard for the students to ignore the high quality education they guarantee and their success rate and settle for the newly emerging concept of online coaching. However, given the advantages it offers many students are going for this new style of coaching and are quite content with their decision. Let us learn about the various benefits online IIT JEE coaching offers over the regular classroom coaching.

Flexible Timings
The biggest advantage that online coaching offers over offline classes is the flexibility to choose your study hours. You are not bound to reach your class at a set time each day no matter what and schedule your entire day around your class timings. Online coaching offers you the flexibility to study at a time suitable to you. This is especially a boon for those who are still schooling or have started working as it is hard for them to manage time to attend the offline classes.

Not only is online coaching available at a comparatively affordable rate but it also helps you save on your commuting charges as well as other expenses you need to bear if you go for offline classes. It is particularly beneficial for the students who require relocating to a different place to seek JEE coaching.

Time Saving
It goes without saying that online coaching helps save a lot of time. In order to attend your offline class you need to leave your books or whatever important task you are doing at least one hour before the class in order to get ready and travel to your coaching centre. Almost the same amount of time, if not more, is waste on your way back. However, it is not so when you opt for online coaching. You can spend all this time studying or in some other productive task.

Flexibility of Place
You have the flexibility of studying at a place of your choice when you choose online coaching. You can choose to sit in that part of your house where you can concentrate best. It can be your study room, balcony, staircase or any other place. Moreover, you wouldn’t miss out on your class even in case you require travelling. You can take your online video lectures along and study on the go.

Flexibility of Pace
You may or may not be able to keep pace with your offline classes and if you aren’t able to do so then you are in for a serious trouble. Offline classes follow a set schedule and cannot be customised keeping your calibre in mind however you get this advantage in online coaching. You can decide as to how much you want to study in a given day as per your ability to grasp.
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