How to Keep Curiosity Alive?

Curiosity Alive.

A curious person is always up to something or the other. There are several things that interest him and he is always looking for ways to find out more and more about them. Staying curious is a great way to stay lively and cheerful. On the other hand, somebody who is not curious leads a rather dull life.

Small kids are said to be quite curious. They have numerous questions and want them all answered. They like trying new things, exploring new objects and places and do not hesitate asking anything. This is how they learn. One of the reasons why kids learn so much in the initial years is that they are curious.

You may have often heard that it is essential to keep your child’s curiosity alive. People who hush their children and don’t bother to answer their queries are often condemned. This is because not answering their queries can put them down and kill their curiosity. You must rather look for ways to make them more curious and inquisitive. Similarly, it is also important to have employees who are curious. A person who is curious is open to learning.

Whether you are working, studying or are a homemaker you must keep your curiosity alive irrespective of your age. Wondering how? Here are a few ways to do the same:

How to Keep Curiosity Alive?

  • Connect with Curious People

Our company has a great impact on us. If we hang out with people who are content with what they have and know and do not want to try anything new, eventually we may also become like that. If you want to keep your curiosity alive then connect with like-minded people. Socialize and connect with people who are eager and curious to try new things and explore new places.

  • Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

You must keep your eyes and ears open at all times. The more you see and hear about different things around, the more you would want to learn about them. It is a good idea to try this deliberately for some time if you are not naturally curious. This will help generate interest and make you curious to learn new things over a time.

  • Do Not Hesitate to Ask Questions

How do you satisfy your curiosity? Simply by learning about the things you are curious about. And how do you learn and explore more about the things you are curious about? Asking questions plays a key role. If you hesitate asking questions, you wouldn’t get the answers and this would ultimately kill your curiosity. Thus, you must never hesitate asking questions.

Here are a few ways to keep alive the curiosity of your employees, students or children:

  • Plan Activities

Whether you want to invoke the curiosity of your child, your student or your employee, the best way is to involve them in interesting activities. You should plan different activities from time to time. The type and level of activities would obviously vary based on the individuals you are dealing with.

  • Ask Questions

Ask questions about different things and let them find out the answers. The more they try to explore things in an attempt to find out the answers, the more enthusiastic and curious they will turn. JEE & NEET Student Ask there Question on Etoosindia Doubt Clinic Center for free.

  • Give Tasks

Assign interesting tasks and let them handle them on their own. This has an even greater effect than just asking questions. As they try to handle the task on their own, they will learn a lot of new things and get curious about knowing even more.

Be curious and keep those around you curious too and see how interesting life gets! If you have any more suggestions on how to keep curiosity alive then do share with us.

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