Know How EtoosIndia’s Online Videos can Help You Crack IIT JEE 2016

Etoosindia has been helping students across the country to prepare for the tough IIT JEE examination through both its offline as well as online classes. While its offline classes are always flooded with students who want to seek guidance from the top JEE faculties from Kota, its online video lectures have gained even more popularity owing to the numerous benefits they offer. Here is how Etoosindia’s online video lectures can help you crack IIT JEE 2016:

  • High Quality Video Lectures
    Etoosindia offers high quality JEE video lectures that are available in different modes including mobile, USB, VOD and DVD. These lectures have been cautiously designed and aptly delivered by the top JEE faculties from Kota. These faculties carry years of experience and immense knowledge about the field and put in their best efforts to make the students ready for the exams. Opt for the mode you can access with ease and view your lectures whenever you want.
  • E-Books
    Etoosindia offers E-books that are all-inclusive. These have been written by industry experts after immense research. Your NCERT books, various guidebooks and study materials have been referred to in order to come up with these knowledgeable pieces. So you don’t have to look else-where for preparation if you have these books handy.
  • Ask an Expert
    With Etoosindia, expert guidance is always at hand. The faculties here are glad to help you whenever you require their guidance and support. Whether you are finding it hard to comprehend a theoretical question or unable to solve a numerical – our experts are always there for your rescue.
  • Topic-Based and Year-Long Courses Available
    Etoosindia offers both year-long as well as topic-based courses for IIT-JEE preparation. You can choose which one to go for based on your requirement. You don’t need opting for the entire year-long course if you just require brushing up on a few topics at any stage during your preparation. These courses are available for all three subjects.
  • Choose your Study Hours
    With Etoosindia, you are free to choose your study hours. You can view these lectures at that time of the day when you can concentrate best so as to grasp more. You don’t have to sit at a stretch listening to the lectures even as your mind demands rest. Take short breaks in between as per your convenience.
  • No Need to Travel
    One of the main benefits of opting for online classes is that you get expert guidance in the comfortable confines of your home. You do not require travelling to your coaching center each day to attend classes. So you save a lot of time. Online JEE coaching is particularly good for IIT aspirants staying in those towns and cities where it is hard to find good JEE coaching centers.

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