Know which IIT campus is best suited for You

The Indian Institutes of Technology are independent institutes located in different parts of India including Delhi, Chennai, Bhubneshwar, Roorkee, Hyderabad, Indore, Guwahati, Patna, Ropar, Mumbai, Gandhinagar, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Varanasi, Jodhpur and Mandi. All these institutes boast of superb infrastructure and learned faculty members. These are linked to each other by way of a common council that looks after the administration.
The procedure of admission for the undergraduates is the same across the institutes and is known as the Joint Entrance Examination. While you may be aware that it requires rigorous training, expert guidance and a lot of hard work to get through this exam, have you ever thought about life after clearing the examination? Have you ever given a thought as to which institute would be best suited for you out of the various available options? No? Well, here are the points you need to consider while deciding between institutes:
Choice of Course
Although all the institutes have extremely learned and well experienced faculty members and are well equipped to teach just any engineering course, some do have an edge over the others. For instance, if you are planning to join a mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or computer science course then it is best to opt for IIT Delhi or IIT Mumbai as these institutes have a bigger computer science department in terms of seats, faculty members as well as infrastructure.
Job Prospects
It is but natural for you to get familiar to the city you live for three-four years while you pursue your course. Besides, there is a special connect that you build with the city during your graduation days and you might just want to look for a career opportunity in that very city, if not your home town. It is thus better to research a bit to understand the market well. Find out as to which cities offer a good job prospect in your chosen stream. Choose the one that gives better career opportunities.
Read as much as you can about the various institutes you have on offer to find out about the courses, faculty members, hostel facilities and other information about these. Join IIT forums or communities to get an insider’s view on these institutes. Choose the one that you feel is best suited for you after considering all the mentioned factors.
Nearest Option
Apart from the above considerations, another major deciding factor can be the distance. Many students tend to go for an institute that is located in or around their home town. And why not? It is so much better to choose one near your place so you can travel to your place frequently. Besides, the surroundings are familiar and you will find it easier to adjust and concentrate on your studies from the very onset.
Personal Choice
You may even have a personal choice or dream of studying in a particular IIT institute for some reason or the other. If you do then do not suppress it. After all, it is once in a lifetime opportunity. If you get an option to go to your choice of IIT campus then go for it! At times, our instincts help make a better choice then logical reasoning.

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