Last Minute Preparation for NEET

Last Minute Preparation for NEETNational Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is conducted each year to select students for BDS and MBBS courses in private and government medical colleges across the country. Medical aspirants require undergoing at least two years of rigorous coaching to get through this exam. With NEET 2018 being held just about four months from now, we are here to give you some effective last minute preparation tips for the exam.

  1. Revise and Re-Revise

If you are serious about securing a seat in a medical college we assume you must have completed your entire course by now. It is now time to revise your lessons well. Revision should not be a one-time process. It must be done over and over again. You must revise and re-revise your chapters as many times as you can. This will help you memories them well. 

  1. Give Mock Tests

While you must give mock tests regularly throughout your preparation period, the last few months must particularly be devoted to giving mock tests. This is a great way to understand the examination pattern and enhance your analytical and problem solving skills. Solving these regularly also helps you get a fair idea about the amount of time you can spend on each question/ section. This helps in better time management during the exam and also increases speed.

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  1. Evaluate Mock Test Performance

Many students just give mock tests, check the result and move on to their next task. Giving mock tests and solving previous years’ exam papers is of no use if you do not evaluate your performance and work upon improving it. It is suggested to go through the solved paper to identify the areas you lack in. Understand as to where the problem lies and work on it accordingly.

  1. Go by a Plan

It is essential to prepare a schedule and go by it during this time. This helps in managing the time efficiently which is of utmost importance. Studying aimlessly without any set target or goal in mind isn’t as effective.

  1. Use Your Handwritten Notes

It is time to shut all your books and class room notes and use only your hand written notes for revising your chapters. Your notes must be all inclusive and neatly written so that they can come handy at this time.

  1. Focus on Important Topics

Although all the topics must be studied thoroughly, it is time to focus on the important topics. Dedicate more time to the topics that carry more weight-age to perform well in the exam.

  1. Take Care of Your Health

Many students neglect their health during this time. Engrossed in studies, they usually skip meals and lower their sleep time. Such habits lower the power to concentrate thereby decreasing productivity. Besides, it can also cause physical illness and mental stress which you just cannot afford at this point in time. It is suggested to take 8 hours of sleep and have a nutritious diet to stay healthy and study efficiently.

These few last minute preparation tips for NEET can boost your chances of cracking the exam. Do let us know if you use any other effective technique!

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