Last Minute Tips For JEE Advanced 2018

Last Minute Tips For JEE Advanced 2018JEE Advanced 2018 is just around the corner and the stress levels of all you engineering aspirants are likely to be on an all time high. However, the key is to stay calm and do whatever best you can in the few days left for the exam. Here are few last minute tips for JEE Advanced 2018:

  1. Time to Shut Your Books

With hardly 3 weeks left for JEE Advanced, we are assuming you have covered the entire syllabus and are now revising your chapters. We strongly recommend you not to juggle between different guidebooks and study materials at this crucial time. It is time to shut all your books and stick to your hand-written notes for the exam preparation. This will save a lot of time and shun unnecessary hassle.

  1. Practice Numerical

The more you practice the better prepared you shall be for the upcoming exam. Even if you are thorough with the concepts and formulae, it is still recommended to solve numerical regularly. This is because it is the only way to hone your analytical and problem solving skills and solve these problems swiftly during the exam. It is suggested to set aside an hour to practice numerical each day counting to the exam.

  1. Give Mock Tests

Now that you are through with the entire course, it is time to spend more time giving mock tests. The more mock tests you will give, the better prepared you shall be. This is a great way to identify your weak areas and work on them. Mock tests also give you a complete insight into the examination pattern. Solving these regularly helps enhance your speed and manage time better during the exam. Students who give mock tests and solve previous years’ papers regularly are better prepared for the exam.

JEE Advanced Exam 2018 Study Material

  1. Go for Group Studies

It is also suggested to go for group study sessions once a week during this last month. This is another way of testing your knowledge. You will know how well-prepared you are. This is also a good opportunity to clarify any doubts you have related to any topic. Besides, this is a good way to break the monotony.

  1. Brush-Up the Weak Areas

It is time to focus on the areas you are weak in. Try to understand where you lack and why and how you can improve on the same. Clarify your doubts, spend more time learning the related concepts and do just whatever it takes to brush up on those topics so as to fetch good marks.

Lastly, don a positive attitude and maintain good health. Eat healthy food, take proper sleep and take out some time to exercise every day in order to stay fit. Remember, you shall be able to learn and perform well only if you are fit physically and mentally.

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