Last Month Strategies for NEET 2019 Preparation

neet preparation time table.

NEET 2019 is just 30 days left for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. This year NTA (National Testing Agency) will conduct the exam in pen & paper mode on 5th May 2019. It is time for all you medical aspirants to gear up. Whether you have covered the entire syllabus or are yet to cover it the last month strategy to NEET 2019 Preparation shared below should come handy:

How to Crack NEET 2019 – New Study Plan and Tips to Crack NEET/AIIMS 2019 by AA Mam

How to prepare for NEET 2019 in one Month

  1. Manage Time Efficiently

It is suggested to manage your time efficiently during this time. Prepare a schedule that includes few hours for revision and the rest for giving mock tests and working on your weak areas. Prioritize your tasks daily and work accordingly to make optimum use of the time left.

  1. Revise and Re-Revise

You must have covered the entire syllabus by now. It is time to revise your chapters over and over again to memorise them well. Revise your chapters at a time when you can concentrate best as this helps in grasping better and retaining well.

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  1. Test Your Knowledge

You are about to sit for one of the toughest competitive examinations. It is imperative for you to test your knowledge to the core before you appear for the actual exam. For this purpose, it is suggested to give at least one mock test each day now that just one month is left for the exam. Besides solving sample papers and previous years’ NEET and AIPMT papers will also help. It is suggested to solve these papers in three hours just the way you are expected to do in your exam. Making it a practice to solve these papers at the same time each day (preferably the time you have opted for the exam) is even better.

  1. Focus on Weak Areas

Merely giving mock tests and solving sample papers is of no use if you do not evaluate your performance and work on the areas that need improvement. It is time to put in extra efforts and brush up your weak areas to perform well in your exam.

  1. Steer Clear from Distractions

Mobile phones, television and social media cause a lot of distraction. They are a big hindrance in studying effectively. It is just a matter of one month now. If you control these temptations and stay away from them, you shall be able to perform better in your exam.

  1. Stay Away from Negativity

It is also essential to stay away from negativity. Do not talk to the fellow students or other people who keep discussing the difficulty level of the upcoming exam. This only creates stress and lowers one’s confidence level and we are sure you want none of these.

  1. Take Care of Your Health

Lastly, take utmost care of your health. You cannot afford to fall ill at this time. So, eat healthily, take proper sleep and take out some time to indulge in activities that relax your mind. Good Luck!

Hope the above information helps you in cracking NEET 2019. All the best!

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