Life at IIT Delhi for Engineering

IIT Delhi is one of the most sought-after engineering colleges in the country. Ever wondered what makes it so popular among the engineering aspirants and as to why its alumni are always looking forward to revisiting the campus for meets and other occasions? Well, everything from its campus, faculty members, students and the overall environment is warm and friendly.

“IIT Delhi is the dream of every science student. You get to live what actually is the ideal college life. You are totally independent there. The hostel life, academics, co-curricular, extra-curricular, events, fests and everything just make it an amazing place to spend 4 years of your life. What I like the most here is that in comparison to other engineering colleges, students take academics here quite seriously”, shared Antriksh, a student of IITD.

“On the very first day, our seniors told us to attend all the lectures and just revise the lecture once, and that will be enough. This is what I do on regular basis and it has been working great till now. I generally spend more time in other activities and with friends rather than academics, and this is what most of the students do here”, he stated further. So you know, here you are not going to immerse yourself purely in academics. There are various co-curricular activities that one can indulge in to break the monotony. These activities also ensure the all round development of the students.

Though the overall atmosphere here is good, IITD students often complain about the hostel facilities. Talking about the same another IIT student, Kaushal Hooda shared, “They’re old, overcrowded, stifling hot. The food is tolerable in the beginning, but rapidly becomes almost repulsive”. However, the students soon adapt to the life here and actually begin liking it.

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