Make in India – Opportunities for Indian Engineers

Make in India is an effort to contribute towards our nation’s progress and it has been stated time and again that the Indian engineers and technologists have a vital role to play for making it a success. Among other engineering graduates, hopes are sky high from the ones who have secured degree from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology. These talented young minds have immense scope in different fields. Every year several IIT graduates are absorbed in different sectors and they contribute vastly for the growth and development of our nation. Let us have a closer look at the different professions IITians can opt for:

Information Technology
Computer and software engineering posts are what most IIT graduates aspire for and various top IT companies are glad to welcome them to their teams. They can choose between different positions including programming, development and technical support based on their skill and interest. However, not many IIT graduates get selected for these posts and need to look for alternate career options.

Many IITians take to the teaching profession and it is not surprising to know that they become excellent teachers. With so many students aspiring to enter the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology there is no dearth of vacancies in JEE coaching centers. These coaching institutes certainly give preference to IITians when it comes to filling teaching positions as they have first-hand knowledge and experience of sitting for this exam.

Finance companies are also glad to absorb IITians to fill various positions. This is because IIT graduates possess good quantitative and analytical abilities. Many IITians get campus placements in different finance firms each year.

Known for their systematic approach towards work, analytical bent of mind and ability to play with numbers, IItians make for excellent managers. No wonder they fill up managerial positions in various top companies.

Other Options
Besides the aforementioned, IITians also get good job opportunities in other industries such as FMCG, service industry and telecom industry. Many IIT graduates have also started their own business and achieved huge success.

However, having said that even the IITs have some deficit that needs to be worked upon. It has been pointed out many times that even though IITians are trained and qualified to grab different software, technology, finance and management related jobs many of them end up with menial entry-level jobs as they do not possess good English communication skills. Low quantitative and analytical skills have also become an issue for some. In order to make these students market ready and to help them contribute towards the success of Make in India, it is essential for these institutes to focus as much on English language as they do on the technical aspects. Besides, the students’ analytical and quantitative skills must also be honed.

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