Missing Your JEE Coaching Class Shouldn’t Bother You Anymore

JEE Main 2018 Exam DateI am an IIT aspirant. I have nurtured the dream of entering IIT Bombay ever since my cousin secured a seat there. He has completed his engineering now however he just cannot get over the days he spent at the campus. He often shares his cool and interesting experiences at IIT Bombay and this makes me all the more determined to seek admission in the institute.

I am good with physics, chemistry as well as mathematics. Since I knew the importance of building a strong base in these subjects I made sure all my concepts were clear since I was in class IX. I enrolled at a professional coaching institute as soon as I entered class XI and began studying rigorously for the exam. Everything was going on as per the plan however around 4 months back my sister got engaged and she would be getting married this month. This has had a major impact on my study plan. I had to miss quite a few classes back then and will have to miss many this month as well. This had been giving me goose bumps as this meant I would be missing out on multiple topics. I tried to look for ways to avoid this disaster and soon found an amazing solution to my problem.

free study matereial

Etoosindia, a top IIT JEE coaching institute in Kota provides online coaching to IIT aspirants. The best part about the institute is that we do not have the need to enrol to the entire course at the institute. There is an option of picking topic based courses. They offer topic based courses for all three subjects on all the topics that form a part of the IIT JEE syllabus. I recently opted for one to see how good it was and I was amazed by the way the lessons were covered by the teachers out there.

Etoosindia has a team of highly qualified and well-experienced faculty members who use various innovative techniques to prepare IIT aspirants and help them nurture their dream of entering top engineering college.

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