Mathematics Tips to Crack IIT JEE Exam in Just 6 Weeks?

Mathematics Tips to Crack IIT JEE Exam

Mathematics examination is quite tricky. Whether you are preparing for your CBSE Maths exam or IIT-JEE Mathematics, you must be particular about this subject as even a slight mistake can result in the entire answer going wrong. This is one subject that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Here We are providing Mathematics Tips to Crack IIT JEE Exam as follow :

Mathematics Tips to Crack IIT JEE Exam

1. Practice As Much As Possible
Unlike the other subjects that are mostly theory based, mathematics requires a lot of practice. The more you practice the more accurately and speedily would you be able to solve the problems in the exam. Refer to the guidebooks recommended by your teachers and solve as many questions given in them as you can.

2. Give Mock Tests
This method is good Mathematics Tips to Crack IIT JEE Exam. Besides solving the problems given in the guidebooks, it is suggested to give as many mock tests as possible. Give these tests in a stipulated period of time in order to manage your time well during the exam. Also don’t forget to solve previous years’ question papers and other sample papers. This will help you test your knowledge and ability so you will get to understand the areas you need to work on. It will also give you a fair idea about the examination pattern.

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3. Learn Formulas by Heart
The key to solve the problems quickly and accurately is to have all the formulas on tips. Read the formulas over and over again to by heart them. It is a good idea to write them on a piece of paper and stick them on your desk in order to view them repeatedly and memories them well. Try learning the formulas at a time when you can concentrate best so as to retain them well.

4. Clear Your Doubts
Any doubts about any formula or theorem must be cleared right away. If you aren’t able to understand it on your own by referring to your guide books then seek help from your school teacher, coaching faculty or your fellow students and get your doubts clarified.

5. Focus on Weak Areas
Once you have figured out your weak areas by giving mock tests, it is time to focus on brushing them up so that you are well-prepared for your upcoming exam. Devote more time to the areas you are weak in until you are thorough with them.

Maths, often regarded as a difficult subject, is actually not that tough. You just need to follow the right approach to nail it!

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