NEET 2018 Exam Day Guidelines

neet 2018National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) , conducted to select students for various private and government medical colleges across the country is considered to be one of the toughest medical entrance examinations across the globe. Lacs of students appear for this examination each year but only a few among them are able to crack the exam and secure a seat in their dream medical college. Enrolling at a good coaching institute, referring good guidebooks, giving mock tests and revising regularly are among few things required to get through this exam however these shall be of no help if you do not take care of the essential points mentioned below. Here are few NEET 2018 exam day guidelines to perform well in the exam:

Keep the Essentials:  It is suggested to keep all your essential things such as your stationary items, admit card and other things in the pouch you will be carrying to the examination hall a night before the exam. Do not wait until morning to complete this task to avoid packing hassles in the morning.

Wake up Fresh:  Sleep on time a day before the exam to wake up fresh on the examination day. Many students make the mistake of studying until late at night and feel lethargic on the day of the exam. This hampers the performance.

Time for Quick Revision: Take a quick glance at your hand written notes in the morning. Do not try to learn anything new during this time as it will only leave you perplexed and cause stress.

Have a Healthy Breakfast:  Make sure you have a healthy breakfast comprising of milk, fruits and cereals. Avoid oily and sugary food as it will leave you lethargic.

Reach Examination Hall on Time:  Leave your place early to reach the examination centre on time and avoid last minute rush.

Don’t Carry Your Books:  Once you are done with the revision just close your notes and books. Do not carry these along to the examination centre. Last minute reading will not help.

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Steer Clear from Negative Talk: Do not indulge in any discussion related to any topic outside the examination centre. Stay calm and avoid any kind of negative talk during that time.

Relax:  It is time to relax and clear your mind of any stress or negativity to get ready for the exam.

Read the Instructions Carefully:  As you get the question paper make sure you read all the instructions carefully before starting with it.

Don’t Stay Stuck:  If you are unsure about any answer do not stay stuck with it for a long time. Move on to the next, complete the paper and come back to such questions later.

Concentrate:  Do not get carried away by the noises in or outside the examination hall. Concentrate on your paper to complete it on time.

Glance Through the Paper after Completion:  Go through the paper once you are done with it to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything. Also cross check the answers to ensure you have attempted everything to the best of your knowledge.

Good Luck! We are sure you will perform well!

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