NEET 2018 Preparation

Neet 2018 PreparationThose of you who have just begun your NEET 2018 Preparation, you still have one whole year to go and trust us it is good enough time to prepare thoroughly for this examination. Here is how you can prepare efficiently for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test in one year:

NEET 2018 Preparation 

  1. Chuck the Negativity Out

The first thing you need to do is to stop listening to all those who are constantly reminding you that you should have begun the preparation a year earlier. You are all set to chase your goal and you need to chuck this kind of negativity out. Just believe in yourself and begin with your preparation.

  1. Start Afresh

Most topics included in the NEET 2018 syllabus are a part of the CBSE Class XI and XII curriculum. You may already be thorough with some of these topics however when you begin your NEET 2018 Preparation, do not leave these aside. Start afresh and cover the entire syllabus step by step in the time you have.

  1. Get Organized

It is time to get organized. The first step towards this is to de-clutter your study table and room. Arrange your books, stationary and everything else in an organized manner. This way you will save a lot of time spent looking for things. Next, prepare a rough annual schedule to understand as to how much time you require devoting to each topic to cover the syllabus on time. Based on this, prepare weekly schedules at the beginning of each week and stick to them diligently.

Free Neet Study Material & Video Lectures:

free study matereial

  1. Test Your Knowledge

As important as it is to seek professional guidance and make time for self study it is equally important to test your knowledge at every step. This will give a clear understanding of how much you have grasped and how much you require brushing up on. The best way to test your knowledge is to solve sample papers and previous years NEET and AIPMT Question Papers.

  1. Revise Regularly

It is of utmost importance to revise your chapters regularly. Do not wait for the entire syllabus to get completed before you begin with the revision. Keep revising the chapters you have already learned simultaneously as you learn the new ones. This will help retain the information.

  1. Go For Group Studies

Group study is just another way of testing your knowledge and a chance to clear your doubts. Besides, it is also a good way to take a break from your monotonous style of study. It is suggested to go for group studies every once in a while and not every day. Even as you go for group studies do not forget to squeeze in time for self study.

Apart from this, make sure you eat nutritious food and take proper rest to stay healthy during your NEET 2018 Preparation period.

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