New Facts of Science in 2017


Scientists across the globe continually conduct researches and experiments to come up with newer scientific facts. There were numerous new discoveries last year and the year 2017 that has just begun has also seen quite a few new ones. Let us have a look at some of the scientific discoveries of 2017.

1. NASA’s Satellite to Watch Chimpanzees
The number of chimpanzees has decreased drastically over the last 100 years and if the trend continues they may get extinct in the years to come. In order to protect this endangered species NASA has recently collaborated with Jane Goodall Institute to come up with a satellite to monitor these wild creatures. The data collated from the satellite will be examined at the Goodall Institute and based on the findings the conservationists and local communities would be guided on how they can contribute to save chimpanzees.

2. The Universe is Expanding Very Fast
Recent research shows that universe is expanding faster than the scientists thought. Astronomers have estimated the expansion rate as 44.7 miles (71.9 kilometers) per second per megaparsec (one megaparsec is around 3.26 million light years). The figure is different from the one derived last year by another team of researchers.

3. Some Body Parts are Alive Even after Death
Researchers have discovered that some parts of the body continue to function even after an organism has been declared dead. As per Peter Nobel from the University of Washington and Alabama State University, different cells have different life span, resilience to stress and generation times. There are certain cells that fight to live even after the organism dies.

4. Weird Mars Rock is likely a Meteorite
A small, dark gray coloured rock has been spotted on Mars. Scientists have named it Ames Knob and in order to assess its composition it has been zapped with ChemCam, Curiosity’s laser-firing spectrometer. As per ChemCam’s results, Ames Knob is an iron-nickel meteorite. This 4 inches wide and 5.5 inches long rock is the fourth space rock Curiosity has discovered on Mars.

5. Alien-Like Insect Found in Amber
100 million year old remains of an alien-like insect with triangular head and bulging eyes were found in a glob of hardened resin termed Amber. Researchers claim that this small insect named Aethiocarenus Burmanicus did not come here from any other planet instead it lived in Myanmar.

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