New Pattern of Class 12 Maths Paper for 2017 CBSE Board Exams

New Pattern of CBSE Board Exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made certain changes in the pattern of class 12th mathematics examination paper this year. The decision has supposedly been taken after the board faced criticism for the class 12th maths board exam in 2016 from students, parents and others. Here is a look at the changes in the class 12th maths board exam pattern:

  • As per the information received, 20% questions in the paper will be under the easy category, 60% will fall under the average category and the remaining 20% questions will be under the difficult section.
  • Earlier the paper had only one, four and six marks questions. Now, it will also have two mark questions. There would be a total of 8 two mark questions.
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS questions) will comprise of 10 marks.
  • Short Answers (SA) and Very Short Answers (VSA) will be for 20 marks.
  • Overall choice will not be given in the question paper. However, 30% internal choices shall be given in 4 marks and 6 marks questions.

This means the difficulty level of the paper will be lower than the CBSE maths paper drafted in 2016. So you can relax however do not take it lightly. Continue studying with dedication to score good in the exam.

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