Opportunities for IITians and the Role of IITs in Building their Future

Why do thousands of students seek admission in the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology each year? Well, the answer is simple. The learning and experience offered here is impeccable. Studying in any of these reputed institutes means taking the first step towards a bright career.

IIT graduates and post graduates have a large number of career opportunities waiting for them. The top scorers get campus placements right away and there is no dearth of opportunities for the rest of the lot either.

IITs are not limited to imparting just technical knowledge, these institutes also offer courses in Management studies, Science as well as Arts. The opportunities for IITians thus vary based on the course they choose. Let us have a detailed look at the various career opportunities that await the IITians:

Information Technology
Several top software firms look forward to employ IIT graduates to fill their computer and software engineering posts. Based on their skill and interest they can choose to be a part of the programming team or provide technical support or develop new operating systems.

Those who pursue management courses from the institute can easily grab management jobs here based on the field they specialise in. IITians are excellent when it comes to strategic planning, data analysis as well as execution of tasks and thus make for excellent managers.

IITians are known for their quantitative skills and analytical bent of mind. These are among the two main qualities that finance companies seek in their personnel. They are thus glad to offer them different finance related roles.

This is one field which is always open for IITians irrespective of their field of specialisation. Having thorough knowledge about their subjects, IITians are known to make perfect teachers who do not only impart knowledge to the students but also inculcate discipline in them.

IIT Committee makes sure that the education imparted in the Indian Institutes of Technology is at par with the latest requirements of the market. The committee suggests changes from time to time to ensure that the IITians stay ahead of their competitors.

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