Points to Keep in Mind When You are in an Exam Hall

steps-to-follow-in-exam-venueThe day of the examination is crucial for every student, especially if it is a board exam or one that is likely to determine your career path. A lot of nervousness and anxiety builds up before the exam and this can hamper your performance. It is essential to stay calm, reach the examination center well in time and keep the below mentioned points in mind during the exam.

  1. Read the Instructions Carefully

Read all the given instructions carefully as you receive the question paper. This will help you understand all the choices you can make and other essential things you require keeping in mind while giving the exam.

  1. Begin Immediately

Begin with the exam immediately after reading the instructions. Do not make the mistake of reading through all the questions before starting with the answers. Not only will this waste the initial 10-15 minutes but it will also lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety in case there are questions you do not know the answers to.

  1. Do Not Stay Stuck

There may be certain questions that may take more than the usual time to answer. It is alright to spend a few extra minutes on such questions however do not stay stuck if you are not able to recall a point or derive at the correct answer. You can come back to such questions once you are done with the rest of the paper.

  1. Go Through the Answer Sheet

Go through all the answers once after completing the paper to ensure that you haven’t missed out on any point and also to correct errors, if any.

  1. Do Not Respond to Whispers

Every class has certain notorious students who try to peep into others’ answer sheets or try seeking other students’ help in hush voices. Do not respond to their whispers, ignore them and concentrate on your paper.

  1. Seek Help

Do not hesitate to seek help from your examiner if you do not understand some point in the paper, run out of ink or feel sick.

  1. Maintain Good Handwriting

You require answering a number of questions in a limited period of time however do not compromise on your handwriting in the attempt. It is imperative to maintain a good handwriting all through the paper. Also underline the headings wherever required to make the paper more presentable.

  1. Label Your Sheets

Lastly, do not forget to label all your answer sheets and tie them properly before handing them over to the examiner. These simple tips should help reduce stress during your exam and help you perform better!

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