Preparation directions for JEE Main and Advanced 2018

So you are aiming JEE Main and Advanced 2018? Well, you have enough time to prepare for it and spare ample time for revision if you begin right away. If you are clueless about how to begin looking at the vast syllabus, we are here to guide you on how to go about it. You need to follow a step by step approach in order to succeed in this tough exam. Here is how:

Plan Your Schedule
Divide your time in a way that you get enough time to cover each and every topic in all the three subjects. While you cannot and should not leave out on any topic, there are certain topics that are comparatively more important from examination point of view. Consult your teachers or seniors to figure out as to which topics carry more weightage and devote more time to these.

Follow the Schedule
Merely preparing a plan is of no use if you do not follow it. Make sure you follow your plan diligently in order to achieve the set goals every day. In case you feel that the plan prepared is too strict and you are unable to follow it even after pushing yourself to the limit then it is suggested to revise it. Prepare a workable plan and stick to it. Identify that part of the day when you can concentrate best and study during those hours.

Seek Online Coaching
Going for a regular coaching class can be quite time consuming. Online coaching is thus gaining immense popularity among students these days. We highly recommend you to seek online coaching as it saves a lot time which can be used in constructive tasks. When it comes to JEE online coaching, Etoosindia is no doubt the best choice. The pioneer in online coaching has teamed up with the best faculties from Kota to provide you thorough training in all three subjects and help you crack the exam.

Prepare Notes
Begin preparing notes for the theoretical part from the beginning. This is because firstly it is easier to memorise your chapters when you jot down the points as you read them and secondly these will come handy as you sit down for revision.

Test Your Knowledge
Test your knowledge from time to time from the initial stage itself. This will help you understand as to how well you are preparing for the exam and where you are lacking. You can solve last years’ question papers or sample papers or better still go for JEE mock test available on These tests will give you a fair idea about the examination pattern and also help you manage your time efficiently to complete the exam within the given duration.

Take Proper Diet
It is imperative for you to watch what you eat all through your preparation time. Your eating habits will directly impact your health and stamina. Have a balanced diet full of all the

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