Quick Tips to Score Good in Biology CBSE Class 12th Exam

It is true that those who work hard all through the year fetch good grades however even those of you who haven’t been working hard consistently from the beginning can score good if you follow the tips and tricks shared here. These have especially been shared by Mrs. Geetanjali Lamba, who works as a Biology Teacher in Vision Valley School, Kashipur, Uttarakhand.

By February, the students should begin solving the sample papers or mock tests. They should sit at a stretch for 3 hours and give these tests to practice better. Solving at least one paper each day (one subject a day) at this crucial time is highly recommended as:

• It increases both speed and efficiency.
• Helps the students frame the answers better.
• It gives a good idea about the examination pattern and how to go about it
• It helps you understand the topics you are weak in.

Solving the question papers at the same time as you are required to sit for your board exam, i.e., between 10:30 and 1:30 for the entire month leading to march will help you concentrate better and think quickly at this time. Researchers state that this way your mind will remain more active during this time and hence you will perform better in your exam.

Besides, it is suggested to prepare a time table and set aside enough time for revision. You must study 3 subjects each day including 2 major subjects and 1 minor (language or optional). Study the difficult subjects during the time you are fresh and can concentrate better. You can practice diagrams or read your English/ Hindi subject stories during the times you feel you cannot grasp much. Also do not ignore your health. Eat nutritious food, get adequate sleep and take short breaks in between to relax and refresh your mind.

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