Re-counselling for Engineering Students to Pick Better College

Lakhs of students work hard to seek admission in reputed engineering colleges each year. They try to gather information about the various available colleges from their fellow students, relatives, college website and other such sources. The information about the various colleges is also available in the university admissions handbook though it just includes the basic information about the colleges and not about their actual performance. Based on all these factors, the students select colleges in the online admission counselling and get the admission allotment letter as they pay the necessary fee.
However, often the picture is quite different than that depicted by the aforementioned sources. The students get to know about the ground realities of the college after they join it or as they dig more information about the college after the allotment. There is a huge difference in the fee structure, college environment and infrastructure. The fee is usually twice as much as the amount fixed by the government. Owing to all these factors, many students especially those from the middle class and poor families are forced to opt out of the colleges allotted to them under the government quota. This is when the re-counselling can help them. By allowing the students to participate in the Single Window Admission Counselling for the second time, the government can help them pick a better college.

Here are a few quick points about the re-counselling:-

  • The students can be permitted to sit for the re-counselling or follow-on counselling session either within a week of the original allotment of college or on last date of counselling, whichever is earlier.
  • The students who have not formally joined the college originally assigned to them could be allowed to attend re-counselling.
  • The students undergoing the re-counselling should be satisfied with those colleges where the seats are available when this follow-on counselling is held.
  • It has been heard that the number of students attending re-counselling may only be around 10,000 this year.


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