Revision Tips for IIT JEE 2018

revision tips for iit-jeeWith just about a week left for IIT JEE 2018, it is time to strengthen your revision process. Remember, it is now or never! So, make the most of the time you have and revise all that you have learned at the JEE coaching to memories it thoroughly. Here are few Revision tips for IIT JEE 2018:

Plan Properly

The time is ticking and before it is too late, we suggest you to plan your revision properly. Prepare a revision schedule and stick to it diligently. Preparing a plan is extremely important for managing your time efficiently. When you have a plan in place you know exactly what you are expected to do next. This saves time and helps you follow a systematic approach.

Identify the Right Time

It is essential to identify the right time for revising your lessons. If you are a morning person then set aside the early morning hours for the revision of your lessons. Similarly, if you can grasp well during the late evening hours or during the day then go for that time. This will help you grasp more in less time.

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Use Your Hand-Written Notes

It is best to use your hand written notes during the revision period. So, close all your guide books and do away with any study material you have and refer to your notes. This is provided your notes are well written and all inclusive.

Give Mock Tests

It is important to give mock tests as a part of your revision process. This helps in identifying your weak areas. So you can brush up on the same during these last few days. Mock tests available online are mostly timed. So, these help in enhancing your speed. You shall be able to manage your time efficiently during the exam and complete your paper timely if you give these tests regularly.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers

It is also essential to solve as many previous years’ JEE papers as you can during the revision period. Solving these papers tests your knowledge to the core and helps you understand where you stand. It also gives you an insight into the examination pattern. You get to know the way the questions are twisted and tweaked in the exam.

Focus on the Important Part

There are certain topics that carry more weightage. It is suggested to focus on such topics during these last few days. Devote more time to the important topics however do not ignore the other topics completely.

Follow these revision tips and make the most of the time left! Good Luck!

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