Same Genes Could Make Us Prone to Both Happiness and Depression

Researchers have found out that the same genes that are a cause of depression can also bring in positivity and uplift our mood. It is stated that cognitive biases happen when people constantly construe different situations through mental filters.

Professor, Elaine Fox from the Oxford University, UK, suggested that while there is possibly no gene that causes mental ill health, some of them have the power to “make people more sensitive to the effects of their environment – for better and for worse”. However, what really happens to a person’s mental health is based on the atmosphere he is in and not owing to the differences in his genes. If an individual is caught in a negative atmosphere, he may develop cognitive biases that are likely to cause mental disorders.

On the other hand, people with the same set of genes may develop positive cognitive biases if exposed to a positive and supportive environment. A number of studies have been referred to and it has been concluded that there is a need to club the research done on mental health genetics with the ones that study cognitive biases. Talking about the same, Professor Chris Beevers at the University of Texas said, “There is a lot of research about these biases, and a lot of research about genes that may make people susceptible to mental ill health. However, we suggest that it could make more sense to bring together these two areas of research.

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