Simple Yet Effective Preparation Tips for NEET-2 Students

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test or NEET, as it is popularly known as, has been implemented to select students for admission to different medical and dental courses in some of the most reputed colleges across the country. For NEET 2, which is to be conducted on the 24th of July, CBSE is not only inviting applications from new candidates but is also accepting applications from those who have appeared in NEET Phase 1 but were unable to get through it. The exam is going to be tough and with just around two months left for it, you must prepare thoroughly. Here are a few simple yet effective tips to help you prepare efficiently:

1. Get the Syllabus Right
Before you begin your preparation for NEET 2, it is suggested to get complete information about the entire syllabus in order to understand its vastness as well as the kind of topics that are to be covered.

2. Spread the Syllabus Tactfully
Once you know what needs to be covered, it is time to spread it in a way that you are able to cover it all in the days left for the examination and also get enough time for revision.

3. Schedule Your Time
It is very important to prepare a schedule and stick to it. Preparing a weekly schedule is a good idea. Each day before going to the bed you must check if you have been able to meet the set goals or need to work harder. In case you are not able to meet them even after giving in your 100% then it is suggested to make changes in your schedule.

4. Give Mock Tests
Just mugging up chapter after chapter is not enough, you must ensure that you test your knowledge at every step. Take mock tests or solve previous years’ papers to know how much you have grasped.

5. Stay Fit
Have a well-balanced diet and take proper rest in order to stay fit throughout your preparation period. Do not compromise on your sleep. Also it is suggested to squeeze in some time for rejuvenation each day. You may indulge in activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga or the likes for this purpose.

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