Six Things to Do for a Revision Plan for Board Examination

With CBSE Board examination being just around the corner, students are gearing up to do the best in their exams. This is the time to revise all that you have already studied in order to retain it. It is best to prepare a revision plan and study accordingly to do a thorough revision. For those of you who aren’t sure where to start from the information shared here should make things simpler:

Get a Calendar
Let us start from the start. To prepare an effective plan, the first thing you need to grab is a planner or a calendar. Mark the days you are left with. Now, set aside the days you cannot spare for studying owing to any reason such as school farewell, marriage of a close one, collection of role number, etc. Divide your syllabus in a way that you are able to revise the entire course in the limited days you are left with.

Study From Your Notes
During this time, it is best to stop fiddling with different guide books. This is the time to study from your own hand-written notes. Keep jotting down points to shorten your notes further so that you have your material ready to run through a night before the exam. Writing down points will also help you retain the information better.

Time Your Study Tactfully
It is suggested to revise your lessons at the time you can concentrate best. It is also essential to take short breaks in between in order to refresh your mind and study more efficiently.

Take Mock Tests
Just reading through your notes is not enough. It is suggested to test your knowledge at this crucial time in order to know as to how much you have grasped and what are the areas that you still need to brush up on. Mock tests such as that available on are a good way to check your knowledge. You can also solve CBSE sample papers and previous years’ papers.

Lay Stress on Important Topics
Get in touch with your school and tuition teachers to find out as to which topics are comparatively important from the examination point of view. Devote more time to the topics that are more important and ensure that they are on your tips.

Review your revision plan at the end of each day to see if you have followed it diligently and covered all that you were supposed to during that day and also to find out as to what all needs to be revised the following day.

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