Small Goals That Motivate You to Get a Good Rank in JEE

jeeThe Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) preparation requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It is necessary to challenge yourself at every step to be ready for this tough competitive examination. Besides aiming for your ultimate goal you must set some small goals to stay motivated during the preparation process. Read on to know what these small goals can be and how these will help you chase your dreams:

  1. Set Daily Goals

Prepare a daily to-do list to cover your JEE syllabus slowly and steadily. Do your best to accomplish all that you have included in the list. Review it at the end of your day and accordingly prepare one for the next day. This is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

  1. Choose Easier Topics

As you begin with the JEE preparation, go for the easier topics or the ones that interest you first. Aim to finish such topics first and then move on to the other ones. Beginning with the difficult topics may keep you stuck and lower your confidence level.

  1. Set the Score to be Attained

Set a target about how much score you should achieve in the trial exams you give before appearing for JEE. Set this score based on the previous performances and work hard to attain it. Do not aim too high as this would likely result in disappointment.

  1. Analyze and Calculate

Make it a habit to check your score and analyze as to where you went wrong. Go through your answer sheets properly to understand where you lack and how you can work on it. This way you will prepare better and do well the next time.

  1. Give Mock Tests

It is suggested to spare 3 hours to give JEE mock tests every alternate day after you have covered a considerable amount of syllabus. These tests will help you understand as to where you stand and keep you motivated to work harder.

  1. Prepare Workable Study Plan

Though the JEE syllabus is vast you must not load yourself with too much to study. Prepare a study plan that is workable. Your daily, weekly and monthly targets must be achievable only then will they keep you motivated to learn more.

  1. Take a Break

Studying for hours at a stretch can drain you out and make you feel dreary. In order to stay motivated and concentrate better it is suggested to take short breaks in between. Set small goals to achieve before you take your next break each time you sit to study. This will motivate you to study with dedication and attain the set target at the earliest.

  1. Exercise

Exercising and taking enough rest boosts your power to concentrate, hones your ability to think and keeps you energized all through the day. It also helps you retain your lessons well and keeps you motivated to study with even more zeal. So squeeze in some time each day to achieve your exercise goals.

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