Social Awareness Campaign @ IIT Delhi Annual Fest, Rendevouz

The annual fest at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi, Rendezous 2016 is all set to spread social awareness about the LGBTQ community, body shaming and gender stereotyping. The theme of the event is Pehchaan (identity). These topics are considered a taboo in our society and by picking these for their annual fest this time, IIT Delhi students aim to make people more aware about how people suffer due to certain set social norms.
“Stereotyping — of gender, body or sexual preferences — lowers the youth’s confidence. And anyway, who is to define what beauty is, who one should love or how to behave?”, shared the social coordinator of the fest, Himanshi Gautam.
Each year this esteemed institute does its bit towards the society by picking up a social theme and spreading awareness about the same. Child labour and women empowerment have been among some of the themes picked by the institute in the last few years. Talking about the earlier themes, Gautam shared that those too were relevant but clichéd. “Social campaigns were more of a responsibility than being about engaging with a crowd and spreading a message. This year, we’re pursuing that… something relatable for the youth,” she added.
As a part of this event, the organizers are not just planning to come up with a platform where these topics can be discussed but are also planning to organize a gay parade, anonymous masked confessions, event around acid attack victims, free hugs campaign and cricket match among boys and girls as cheerleaders. The campaign is being promoted as ‘Pride for All’ on the social media. The lead coordinator of the event, Rishabh Sanghi said that by way of this campaign, “we want to tell people that you are who you are, and you should be proud of yourself.”

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