Steps to selecting a School for your child

Choosing a school for our children is the first big decision we need to take for them. School plays a vital role in building your child’s future and it is thus important for you to choose it very cautiously. However, with so many options around and each claiming to be better than the other, it is hard to single out on one. There are various factors that need to be considered while selecting a school for your little one. If you are confused on how and where to begin then the step-by-step guide shared here shall help.

Compile a List of Schools
To start with, prepare a list of all the schools in your vicinity, preferably within a radius of 10 km. Making your child travel for more than 20 km to and fro each day is not a good idea.

Take Feedback
Check the ranking of the schools you have listed. Also get in touch with parents in your society or workplace to know where their kids study and take their feedback. These people have a first-hand experience and can give a more accurate feedback of the school as compared to what you get on the internet.

Extra Activities
A school that focuses only on academics may not be a very good choice for your kids. You must look for a school that gives as much importance to the extra co-curricular activities as it does to the academics to ensure your child’s all round development.

Even if the school’s infrastructure and curriculum is good, lack of well-educated and experienced faculties can be a spoiler. Visit the school personally to meet the head mistress and the teachers. Find out how well the teachers are trained and tracked. Seek permission to see how the teachers interact with the students.

Hygiene Factor
As you visit the school, also find out how well the school is kept – the classes, activity rooms, cafeteria, wash rooms, play area – have a look at everything around and make sure it is well maintained.

This is a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing anything in life and your child’s education is no exception to it. Short list the schools that come under your budget and single out one among them considering the various factors mentioned above.

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